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Assignment No. 1

Question Bank - Unit Test 1

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Chapter No. 1 Overview of Business - Assignment No. 1

Q1. Which are the basic types of businesses prevalent in Indian Economy?
Q2. Explain in details the types of businesses.
Q3. Name eight areas of major industries in India.
Q4. Write a short note on cement Industry.
Q5. What is GATT? What is its importance to India?
Q6. Explain the meaning of Globalization. Write its impact on Indian Economy.
Q7. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of globalization.
Q8. How world trade organization (WTO) help in industrial promotion?
Q9. State the features on Industrial liberalization policy.
Q10. State the effect of globalization on Indian industries. Give your opinions with proper justifications.
Q11. Explain IPR i.e. intellectual property rights.

Question Bank - Unit Test 1

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